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Why Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the Black vote

The love affair between Black folks and the Clintons has been going on for a long time. It began back in 1992, when Bill Clinton was running for president. What have the Clintons done to earn such devotion? Did they take extreme political risks to defend the rights of African Americans? Did they courageously stand up to right-wing demagoguery about Black communities? Did they help usher in a new era of hope and prosperity for neighborhoods devastated by deindustrialization, globalization and the disappearance of work? No. Quite the opposite.

Behind Enemy Lines

End prison slavery in Texas now!

Feb 11, 2016
Prisons in Texas are, like Angola in Louisiana, former plantations. As prisons, they are still today worked by enslaved people, people who get no pay, not even credit to shorten their sentences. This is the Cummins Prison Farm, 1975. – Photo courtesy The Marshall Project

In Texas we know that we are being exploited, mistreated, degraded and abused. Many prisoners in Texas are content with the modern day slave plantation system, which is managed and operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. However, many prisoners are not content; in fact they are frustrated and angry. The strategies utilized by prisoners in other states that have similar conditions to Texas don’t necessarily apply here.

Free Rev. Pinkney!

Feb 3, 2016

Rev. Edward Pinkney is the kind of preacher that Martin Luther King would have admired. Pinkney has for years advocated for his community, fighting for water rights, fair elections and social justice for the people of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Because of his political activities, he’s been targeted by the government, tried by the Michigan political machine before an all-white jury and, with no evidence, convicted of allegedly altering five petition dates!

CHOOSE1’s Three Strikes Reform Act needs 500,000 signatures by July 17 to make the November ballot

Feb 2, 2016

In late December, CHOOSE1, a grassroots, non-profit organization, received approval to begin gathering signatures to have the Three Strikes Reform Act of 2016 placed on the November 2016 election ballot. The California Attorney General’s Office has given CHOOSE1 until June 17 to gather signatures from registered voters to qualify the initiative. The goal is 500,000 signatures to ensure enough are gathered to meet statutory requirements.

Three prisoners bid a loving farewell to Hugo Pinell

Feb 1, 2016

I often visit the spot where they took you from us. I still can’t accept it. Although we didn’t know each other, I knew your spirit. I cried for you the day your light was dimmed. I never met you, but you were my brother, my father, my dear friend. Yogi, I’m afraid. I’m afraid because the same climate that dimmed your light is still here on this yard. The gatekeepers on this yard are still playing chess with brothers’ lives.

Support the loved and loyal Bay View: Keep the voice of the people alive

Jan 31, 2016

During these 14 years straight of Security Housing Unit time I’m forced to endure, the Bay View has been – and will hopefully continue to be – my stabilizer, mentally, the komrade, homie as well as the teacher and tutor for myself and many others in these SHU, Ad-Seg etc. prison industrial slave complex isolation units. So I – we – ask those of you who’re able to please subscribe or make a donation to the loved and loyal Bay View National Black Newspaper.

I was one of the last ones to see our beloved Brotha Yogi alive
They’re releasing us to GP, where they’d rather see us war and kill one another off
Growing up in Compton: A woman’s story
Historic settlement to end California’s indefinite solitary confinement finalized in court
Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar), innocent on death row
CURB responds to CDCR’s new master plan: ‘A concerning vision of a more powerful prison system’
‘Annotated Tears: America’s Auschwitz’
Mumia in the crosshairs: Stop efforts to murder him by medical neglect
Jabari Scott in GP! ‘Man, it was beautiful enjoying my first cup of joe’
Yogi and Harold were leaders among men: Two stories of revolutionary valor
Mumia’s fight for medical treatment
The passive aggressive murder of a living legend
David Johnson of the San Quentin 6 on his comrade Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell
Tension at New Folsom between Blacks and guards since assassination of Hugo Pinell
Assassination of Hugo Pinell: One guard asked another, ‘Did they get him?’

News & Views

Beyoncé wins the Super Bowl: Pop legend invokes Black Panthers, #BlackLivesMatter at halftime show

Feb 9, 2016
Gwen Woods, the mother of Mario Woods, said of the Super Bowl halftime show and Beyoncé’s dancers posing with a “Justice 4 Mario Woods” sign, “Beyoncé gave my son a global stage!”

More than 100 million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl 50 Sunday night. In addition to seeing the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers, viewers also witnessed one of the most political halftime shows in the Super Bowl’s history as the legendary singer Beyoncé paid tribute to the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement. Her dancers posted a photo on Instagram holding a sign reading “Justice for Mario Woods.”

Fake housing crisis: From Bayview to Baltimore, public housing kept empty while thousands are un-housed

Feb 9, 2016
Residents of Leeville could be living in these very livable but boarded up and vacant apartments built with our tax dollars. – Graphic: Dan Brekke, VanishingSF

Building after building, block after block from the Bayview to Baltimore and from Sunnydale to East Oakland, the last vestige of so-called public – that is, government owned – housing in the richest country in the world lie dormant. Boarded up, locked, gated and shut – each apartment equipped with two, three and four bedrooms, one or two bathrooms and full kitchens.

Jose LaCrosby, stylist to the stars, entrepreneur extraordinaire

Feb 8, 2016
Mr. Jose LaCrosby sits in his shop. He was in business 57 years. – Photo: Olivia Wright

Mr. Jose LaCrosby, a nationally-recognized African-American hairdresser in San Francisco, passed away on Jan. 29, 2016, in hospice care at the San Francisco VA Hospital. He was 89 years old. He is survived by his son and daughter, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Mr. LaCrosby lived in the Fillmore-Western Addition for 58 years. Black Homes Matter Memorial Rally to honor Mr. Jose La Crosby’s legacy Wednesday, Feb. 10, 4-5 p.m., at Mercy Housing

Bay View founding publisher: I was inspired by Malcolm, Martin, Elijah and the 1966 HP Uprising

Feb 8, 2016
Muhammad al-Kareem founded the New Bayview in September 1976. This photo was taken about that time.

Muhammad al-Kareem founded the New Bayview newspaper, later renamed San Francisco Bay View, in 1976 and turned it over to the Ratcliffs in late 1991. So in 2016, we’re excited to be celebrating the newspaper’s 40th anniversary, beginning on Sunday, Feb. 21, 1-5 p.m., at the Main Library, 100 Larkin St., San Francisco. You’ll hear Muhammad, a panel consisting of writers associated with the Bay View in different eras, a fashion show and musicians reminding us of the beauty and talent within our community. We’ll serve food, too – and it’s all FREE. Spread the word!

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl dancers demand ‘Justice 4 Mario Woods’

Feb 7, 2016
Some of Beyoncé’s dancers took a moment to pose with a “Justice 4 Mario Woods” sign, living the role of the Black Panthers that their costumes portray. – Photo: Kofi Ademola Xola

Twenty-four hours after she dropped “Formation,” one of the most political music videos in recent memory, Beyoncé took the halftime stage at Super Bowl 50 and gave a riveting, Black Panther-themed performance while her crew of Black female performers donned black berets and leather body suits. Some of Beyoncé’s dancers took a moment to pose with a “Justice 4 Mario Woods” sign, living the role of the Black Panthers that their costumes portray.

UN committee urges US government to pay reparations for slavery
African Union refuses to invade Burundi
Looking at Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and the African Union in 2015: an interview wit’ US correspondent to the Zimbabwean Herald Obi Egbuna
I’m the same as you – I just don’t have a roof
UN panel hears wrenching testimony of abuse in Black Chicago
Black worker on Bay Bridge told to wear noose
NAACP secures changes to California Marijuana Initiative
Black Chicagoans with disabilities stand solid against police terror
Can labor support both Black Lives Matter and police unions?
Lennar, the corporation that ate San Francisco, gobbled up Hunters Point and is devouring Treasure Island
In celebration of the charismatic life of Sister Espanola Jackson, a born leader and chosen woman
Burundi: Nkurunziza refuses to bow to Samantha Power’s demands
Outrage against big pharma!
US police are killing people with war-crimes ammunition
Uganda: Upcoming elections and ongoing US influence, an interview with Milton Allimadi

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

 » Full event list and descriptions
February 13, 2016
San Quentin Prison Art Show & Redstone Labor Temple Rummage Sale 10:00 am Redstone Bldg, 2940 16th St. at Capp, San Francisco Proceeds benefit the San Quentin Artists and the Redstone Labor ... more>>
February 13, 2016
"Wesley Johnson, the Texas Tornado," with John William Templeton 11:00 am AAACC, 762 Fulton, 2nd Floor, San Francisco Info: 415-292-6172 or more>>
February 13, 2016
A Celebration of the Life of Huey P. Newton 2:00 pm WEST OAKLAND BRANCH LIBRARY, 1801 Adeline St., Oakland Join us for a Celebration of the Life of Huey ... more>>
February 13, 2016
ANSWER Coalition Forum: The Mario Woods Case & the Struggle Against Police Terror 5:00 pm ANSWER, 2969 Mission St., San Francisco On Dec. 2, 2015, the life of 26-year-old Bayview resident Mario Woods ... more>>
February 14, 2016
Unitarian Universalist Breakfast Forum: "Remembering the Port Chicago Disaster" with Stephanie Meckler, Park Ranger, National Park Service, U.S. Dept of the Interior 9:00 am Martin Luther King Room, First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St. at Geary, San Francisco Ranger Meckler of the Port Chicago Naval Magazine Memorial will ... more>>

The art of painter Paul Lewin

Feb 12, 2016
Painter Paul Lewin at work

I was recently introduced to the visual artistry of Paul Lewin at this year’s Black Comix Arts Festival that was held at the SF Main Library and at the Yerba Buena. His pictures are very modern but depict scenes from lives lived centuries ago, and they are rich with detail. They are sort of like a time capsule. I want to expose the Bay View readership to this master painter who lives locally. Check him out in his own words.

Wanda’s Picks for February 2016

Feb 4, 2016
The Black world mourns the loss of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, shown here at the October 2014 Florida AMU Black Psychology Conference with Wanda Sabir, and celebrates her legacy. – Photo: Wanda Sabir

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (“Isis Papers”) made her transition Jan. 2, 2016. She was 80. The psychiatrist who challenged white supremacists on what she called “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)” to look at their own melanin deficiency for what it is, “envy,” stirred and continues to stir the waters. She always stated theoretically that “Black lives matter,” way before the #blm movement.

Must-see movie documents God’s unchanging hand in the evolving lives of gays

Feb 4, 2016
'No Gays' contemplative Black man

Clay Cane’s new documentary, “Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church,” is an emotional drive-by shooting. The gut-penetrating personal stories in the hour-long film will leave you ducking for cover to avoid being shot dead through the heart. You will not succeed. The film features nightmarish tales that create a reality for many young African Americans who identify as members of the LGBT community.

Oakland’s DB Tha General

Feb 3, 2016
DB Tha General, web cropped (1)

West Coast Hip Hop is going through a renaissance of new voices with people like Trill Youngins, Anderson Paak, Vince Staples, Nef the Pharoh, Cousin Fik and Oakland’s DB Tha General. I became aware of DB Tha General because the streets was talking, but I heard his music for the first time when my cousin Smock pulled up “Mac Blast” on YouTube and told me that this was one of the coldest battle/diss records ever produced from out of the Bay.

From mean streets to mansions: The Denise Smith story

Feb 3, 2016

It has often been said that one who has never known the pain of struggle can never truly appreciate the sweet taste of success. Denise Smith knows that struggle. Born in the San Francisco General Hospital and reared in Bayview-Hunters Point, the real estate entrepreneur has certainly experienced her share of ups and downs. Her new autobiography, “Rags to Real Estate: One Woman’s Journey to Empowerment,” inspired many.

Third Street Stroll – and beyond
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