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In New York City, the stars are coming out for Mumia on the eve of his 61st birthday.

Prison refuses Mumia medical care as his 61st birthday is celebrated worldwide – update: Mumia GRAVELY ill

Political prisoner and revolutionary journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal has been the victim of criminal neglect by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for months, and his life is in grave danger. He is weak, in the infirmary, and continues to need a wheelchair to come out to visits. Mumia needs all of us to help now! Sign the petition to help save – and free – Mumia. Also, we need to keep up the pressure with phone calls. No execution by medical neglect! Save Mumia’s life!

Behind Enemy Lines

‘I contribute to peace,’ a pledge to end hostilities inside and out

Apr 26, 2015

We, under the union of the United KAGE Brothers, joined with the Prisoners Political Action Committee (PAC), welcome you to our communion. We aim to unite and unionize internationally the peace movement – under the Agreement to End Hostilities – as an ad campaign from prison to the street. As people of all colors, races, creeds, genders and sexualities, we stand in solidarity with the following pledge.

At Ohio’s supermax prison, a hunger strike ends but extreme isolation remains

Apr 26, 2015
Siddique Abdullah Hasan, alleged ringleader of the 1993 Lucasville Uprising, is led to trial on Jan. 16, 1996. – Photo: Al Behrman

Last week, men incarcerated at Ohio’s supermax prison brought a month-long hunger strike to a close. Between 30 and 40 men had refused all meals since March 16 to protest new restrictions placed on already severely limited recreation and programming for those in solitary confinement. On April 15, all but one of the men agreed to suspend the hunger strike after a meeting with the warden at which the prison agreed to lifting some, but not all, of the new restrictions.

Wadiya Jamal: Help my husband get free! Mumia is dying in there!

Apr 13, 2015
Mumia Abu Jamal in wheelchair, Wadiya Jamal visit 040915, cropped

On Thursday, April 9, 2015, I visited my husband, Mumia Abu-Jamal, at SCI Mahanoy. I saw the photos taken of Mumia during the visit on Monday, April 6, but I still wasn’t prepared for how Mumia looked. Seeing him in the prison visiting room, he was worse. I felt my husband is about to die. He was shivering so hard, I put my arms around him and my head to his chest to hear his heart and to bring some warmth to his body because he said he was freezing. We need to keep up the pressure. Let the warden and state corrections secretary know we insist that Mumia have medical specialists of his own choosing examine and treat him.

Visitor decries racism at Pelican Bay in open letter to warden

Apr 10, 2015
Human Rights Pen Pal Program flier, web

What decade is this? It is unthinkable that your staff would be allowed to threaten Mr. Crawford for having a friendship with two white women. Does this threaten the officers, make them insecure? There have been centuries of racist and patriarchal violence such as this and I refuse to stand by while my friend Mr. Crawford is subjected to more of the same.

Struggle without sacrifice is useless

Apr 10, 2015
'BloodZ n CripZ It's on'

Our 45-year protracted “civil war” between Damus (Bloods) and Kiwes (Crips) has probably claimed thousands of lives, if not millions, and it probably will claim a lot more lives if we don’t begin to change this vortex of violence that has plagued us as a people internally. The unifying of our strengths is basic to our people’s survival.

Prisoner Human Rights Movement fights on many fronts to reclaim our lives and freedom
See how sick Mumia is – keep calling!
Mumia’s wife, Wadiya Jamal: It’s time to stop trying to kill my husband and free him now!
Let’s help Shuja come home to his family
Mumia’s life is in danger; only the people can save him – keep calling!
Mumia’s son says, ‘My father is in pain,’ as Mumia is sent back to prison
Mumia Abu-Jamal hospitalized in diabetic shock, guarded, family and friends denied access
Gov. Jerry Brown, AG Kamala Harris and CDCr officials, you have the power to stop torture in California prisons
SHU-shifting: An update on and overview of the Ashker v. Brown class action
Free Speech Society: Forum for prison activists inside and out
The criminality of solitary confinement
Grant ‘Strategic Release’ to Abdul Olugbala Shakur
Successful motion in court strengthens California prisoners’ case against solitary
Prison artist uses ‘visual language’ to inspire his brothers
On leaving solitary confinement after 26 years, I salute all the advocates of progressive positive change

News & Views

Baltimore ‘shuts it down’ for Freddie Gray

Apr 27, 2015
Protesters demanding an end to police brutality confront police at Camden Yards on Saturday, April 25. – Photo: Colin Campbell

Hundreds of people took to the streets here on Saturday to demonstrate against police brutality and call for accountability for the police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old who died April 19 as the result of a severe spinal injury that occurred when he was taken into custody a week earlier. Demonstrators chanted “shut it down.”

Berrien County court continues racist campaign against Rev. Edward Pinkney

Apr 24, 2015
Dorothy Pinkney, Rev. Pinkney’s wife and an outstanding activist in her own right, leads the rally following the court hearing on April 14. She is calling on everyone to boycott all stores that sell Whirlpool products and to refrain from buying any Whirlpool products until Rev. Pinkney is released from prison. – Photo: Abayomi Azikiwe

Another post-conviction motions hearing took place on April 14 in St. Joseph, Michigan, involving the conviction by an all-white jury late last year of a leading civil rights activist, Rev. Edward Pinkney. People traveled from throughout the state of Michigan and across the United States to support the Berrien County leader who many feel has been denied justice by a corporate-controlled racist system in the southwest region of the state.

Rwanda: No justice for Kibeho Massacre victims 20 years later

Apr 23, 2015
U.N. troops carry a victim away on a stretcher. Most troops were combat medics and they were too outnumbered to have stopped the massacre. – Photo: George Gittoes

On April 22, 1995, 4,000 to 8,000 Rwandan Hutu people, maybe more, were massacred at the Kibeho Camp for Internally Displaced Persons in Southwestern Rwanda. The Kibeho massacre is one of many committed by the Rwandan Patriotic Army in Rwanda and DR Congo, but it is one of the most shocking because it was witnessed by U.N. Peacekeepers and well documented by at least two photographers, but no one was ever prosecuted for the crime.

A slow death for Mumia Abu-Jamal and thousands of prisoners in America

Apr 23, 2015
Johanna Fernandez (left) and Heidi Boghosian visit Mumia on Feb. 7, 2012, in the exciting days after he was finally released from 30 years in solitary confinement. Finally, he could have visitors he could touch – no glass separating them – and he was allowed to have his picture taken for the first time since 1996. He had recently been transferred to SCI Mahanoy, the prison where medical neglect has come close to killing him.

The majority of U.S. prisoners are African American and Latino males in their childbearing years, imprisoned in a system that regularly violates their fundamental human rights and ravages their health. Mumia would want us to use his suffering to demonstrate that those relegated to the lowest strata of our society – imprisoned Black, Brown and poor – suffer not only their sentences but illness and death by neglect.

Open letter to Pennsylvania governor and corrections head urges independent medical care for Mumia Abu-Jamal – seeks more signers

Apr 21, 2015

Internationally renowned political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal is seriously ill. We call on Governor Wolf and Secretary Wetzel to promptly authorize the independent doctors Mr. Abu-Jamal has chosen to coordinate his diagnosis and treatment plan, and to involve the specialists needed to address his many medical challenges. Given the extensive evidence of Mr. Abu-Jamal’s innocence and that his very life is in danger while in the prison system, we call for his immediate release from prison.

Apple lifts ban on construction workers with felony convictions, must do more – two perspectives
Uganda’s Museveni to seek re-election in his 30th year in office
South African shack dwellers condemn xenophobia: ‘Our African brothers and sisters are being openly attacked’
Less than one lifetime: Eyewitness to nuclear development, from Hunters Point to Chernobyl and Fukushima, issues a warning
San Francisco Mayor’s Office plans to sell public housing to private investors, leaving thousands of Black, Brown and poor families houseless
California: For rich people only?
ACLU: America’s obsession with locking up Black men led directly to death of Walter Scott
With no more cotton to pick, what will America do with 40 million Black people?
Witness who recorded shooting of Walter Scott speaks out: Cop had control before he shot
A Ugandan doctor describes the real ‘Ebola Hot Zone’
White cop charged with murder for shooting Black man in South Carolina
Quest for Democracy Day 2015: Formerly incarcerated people will press legislators to allow them to thrive
Cultivating resistance in AfrikaTown, West Oakland
Richmond asks, ‘Who killed DMC?’
Rwanda: Critics ask Canada to protect them from Kagame’s assassins

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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Quest For Democracy Day, 2015 Apr 27 8:30 AM California State Capitol, 1315 10th St., Sacramento An Open Call to Support Formerly Incarcerated People on Monday, more>> ---------------

Love story at Arlington National Cemetery

Apr 26, 2015
The Arlington National Cemetery honor guard folds the flag for the reburial of Wyley and Ouida Wright. – Photo: Andre Thompson courtesy Ray Caling

For most, the pain of the loss of loved ones is so great that they look away and never look back. For our family, 50 years after the death of our father, Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr., in Viet Nam on March 9, 1964, as he accepted an extra mission to join the Honor Guard for Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara two weeks from coming home with his new orders for Fort Hamilton, New York, we, who rarely talked about the loss over the years, had to look back.

Now that the Justice Department has struck out, it’s time to put Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame

Apr 24, 2015
Barry Bonds

$55 million is what the U.S. Justice Department has wasted on what we can now officially call the failed prosecution of Barry Lamar Bonds. The Major League Baseball home run king, assumed steroid user and Hall of Fame pariah on Wednesday had the government’s last thread holding him down – an obstruction of justice conviction – finally snipped on appeal.

The San Francisco Black Film Festival is back, second weekend in June!

Apr 22, 2015
San Francisco Black Film Festival Director Kali O’Ray mans the camera.

The San Francisco Black Film Festival is one of the premiere events for the shrinking Black community in the Bay Area, annually. This year, the two headlining movies are “AMERICA Is Still the Place” and “Njinga – Queen of Angola.” I interviewed the San Francisco Black Film Festival director Kali O’Ray about what is happening this year at the festival. Check him out in his own words, telling us the history of the festival and what’s going on this year.

Wanda’s Picks for April 2015

Apr 4, 2015
“Tales of the Grim Sleeper”

Over a 25 year period, 200 women in South LA went missing. Of these missing women, 100 were found dead. All of the women are Black and most were prostitutes. The refusal to let these women’s lives go unacknowledged is due to the work of Black Coalition Fighting Back Against Serial Murders. HBO will broadcast “Tales of the Grim Sleeper” on April 27.

Third Street Stroll …

Apr 1, 2015
Legendary percussionist Pete Escovedo and Maestro Curtis check the playlist. – Photo: Rochelle Metcalfe

The annual BLACK CUISINE, benefit Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose Senior Services, Inc., was very successful. Legendary percussionist and band leader PETE ESCOVEDO was the headliner joined by JUAN ESCOVEDO and MAESTRO CURTIS and band – ACTION WAS HOT! Pete was to see limited participation BUT FELT SOOO GOOD he performed the entire set, much to the joy of entertainment coordinator SUZY TYNER.

After 30 years leading City College Journalism Department, ‘not over yet’ for Juan Gonzales
Kev Epps talkin’ about his new film ‘Solutions Not Suspensions’
Dear Black men: Help us save the lives of young Black men and boys by simply writing a letter!
Writer coaches make a positive social impact!
Grandfatherhood: Part 3
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