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Meet Share International at Bayview Library Nov. 17 for a ray of hope in these chaotic times

Even in these chaotic and perilous times, there is reason for hope. Humanity finds itself at a major crossroads: Do we choose the path of selfish separatism and inequality based on greed and competition, leading to the destruction of ourselves and planet Earth or the path of cooperation and sharing leading to global peace and prosperity? Here to help us make the correct choice stands a group of Teachers unparalleled in their enlightenment and wisdom, unequalled in their ability to love and to serve. They are the Masters of Wisdom.

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Wanda’s Picks for November 2018

Congratulations to Brothers in Pen for a fantastic book party and reading Oct. 20 at San Quentin State Prison. The work, whether fiction or poetry, creative nonfiction, memoir or dramatic lit, is stellar and the huge panel afterward, where the writers shared their creative process and the importance of art in their lives, was equally valuable and enlightening. That such beauty is possible behind bars is testament to the power of art to light darkness.

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Culture StoriesChanged“Bound: Africans vs- African Americans”, “Flow” by Cleavon Smith, “Grave-Sweeping Day”, “Harlem Nights”, “Miss Laura Maye of Harlem” by Jamal Williams, “Pancake Queen” by Brie Knight, “The Water Will Carry Us Home”, “You Are Mine”, 23rd Annual Maafa Commemoration Ritual at Ocean Beach, 25 years of Bay Area service, AADOTA, Affirmation Song Cycle, Afrikan and Black Nationhood, Afro-Latinación: Rhythm and the Word! In celebration of the human race, Ana Deysi, Ancestor Chat & Chew Nov- 1, Anthony Ofoegbu, Anyika Nkululeko, Artistic Literacy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Babalao Marcus Gordon, Bay View arts editor Wanda Sabir, Berkeley Radical 2018-19 Citizenship, Black barbershops, Black Friday, Black Friday for Black People, Black manhood, Brothers in Pen, Bryan Keith Thomas, Buriel Clay Theater in the African American Art and Culture Complex, Cal Performances in Oakland, Catharsis Café, Cephus “Uncle Bobby X” Johnson, Chris Kammler, CHRISTINE JACKSON, Circle of Life Ritual, Colossus: East Bay Poets and Artists Fundraising for Immigrant Rights, David Bruce Graves’s “Revival”, David Webber, DeLisa Branch Nealy, Dia de Los Muertos, Diaspora Africans, Doors of No Return, Dr- John Calloway, Dr- Marcus “Adeshima” Lorenzo Penn, Eastside Cultural Center, ERNESTO OVIEDO, Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, Faye Carol, Gabrielle Tesfaye, George Davis Center, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Harriet Poznasky, Health and Human Resources Education Center, Heather Bourbeau, Hilary Brown, Inua Ellams’s ‘The Barber Shop Chronicles’ returns to Stanford Live, Inua Ellams’s “Barber Shop Chronicles”, Iya Abimbola, Iya Ava Square-Lavias, Iya Halifu Oṣumare, Iya Victoria Eley, James Cagney, Javier Navarrette, Jessica St Louis, Jo Servi, Joel Dorham, John Santos, John Santos Quintet and Friends, Jonestown suicide victims, Joseph Krauter, Joyce Gordon, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Karla Brundage, Kimi Sugioka, Latin Jazz Octet, Laura Joakimson, life without parole, Lori Lynne Armstrong, Lorraine Hansberry presents Playwrights Festival, Lorraine Hansberry’s Playwrights Festival, Love Not Blood Campaign, Maafa 2018, Maafa Commemoration Dinner and Conversation, MAAFA Film and Discussion Joyce Gordon Gallery, Maafa San Francisco Bay Area, Marco Diaz, Margo Hall, Mariah Davis, Maw Shein Win, Meet and Greet Playwrights Reception, Min- Mxiolisi, MK Chavez, Nia Wilson, Oakland Post, OI Executive Director Wanda Ravernell, Omnira Institute, Omnira Institute’s Third Annual African American Day of the Ancestors, Orestes Vilató, Park Ranger Noemi Robinson, Patrice Naiambana, PDEC, Peres Owino, Poetry Reading and Fundraiser for Immigration Rights, Positive Directions Equals Change, Positive Directions Equals Change celebrates its 25th anniversary, power of art to light darkness, Rafael Curio, Raina Leon, Rico Pabon, Ritual of Forgiveness, Rohan DaCosta, Sacred Space Spiritual Support Group, Safiya Fredericks, San Francisco Bay Area Ritual, San Francisco Bay Commemoration Ritual, San Quentin State Prison, Sara Biel, Sarah Klein Ph-D-, Saul Sierra, Shefali Shah, Shilpa Kamat, Sister Bisola Marignay, Sister Omitola Akinwunmi, Stanford University’s Presidential Residency on the Future of the Arts, Stanford University’s Roble Studio Theatre, The Back Room, The Global Afrikan Cultures Convention and Conference in Uganda, Tracy Brown, TWEET for African Ancestors, UbuntuNation Initiative, UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, United Shades of America on CNN, Val Serrant, W- Kamau Bell, Wanda Sabir, Wanda’s Picks for November 2018, Winners Ceremony and Closing Reception, Yusef Wright’s Benny Adem Grooming Parlor in downtown Oakland Comments
Mos def sumthin-sumthin to vote for!

The important (s)election process is unfolding across the united capitalist prison terrorist states of america (ucptsa) and here in these occupied Indigenous nations. WE are working to change this deadly system that places higher profits for a few elites over the advancement of our broader population and proper stewardship of nature. Still, voters can mos def play a positive role in slowing down capitalism’s never-ending wars and destructive acts.

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Culture StoriesChangedAbiy Ahmed, Afrikans deserve Reparations! Cause Black lives truly matter!, Alana Devich Cyril, attacks on truth-tellers, attorney Pamela Price, Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Maat, BARBARA LEE for our 13th Congressional District Representative, Bay View newspaper, Black Agriculturalists, Black August activists, Black Lives Matter, Black Panther Party, Black Sacramento, Bobby Hutton Literacy Campaign, candidates and issues critical to our commUNITY, CAT BROOKS as your Number One Choice for Mayor of Oakland, COINTELPRO, Communist and Socialist parties, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, crimes against humanity, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deacons for Defense, Democratic Party’s Obama-Biden command, Dr- David Roach, Dr- Khubaka Michael Harris, Dr- Shyaam Shabaka, EcoVillage Farm, first female President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, food justice advocates, for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf, Free Breakfast for Children Program, Free Community Schools program, Free Groceries program, Free Health Screenings program, freedom fighters, Glad Tidings Church, Green the Church National Conference, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees, Jamal Khashoggi, JOVANKA BECKLES for Assembly District 15, juror, Leonard Peltier, Malik Shabazz, Malkia Devich Cyril, Melvin Dickson, Minister Malcolm X, Mo’ Betta Foods, Mos def sumthin-sumthin to vote for!, Muir Woods, Mumia Abu Jamal, Nation of Islam, Ntozake Shange, Oakland International Film Fest, PAMELA PRICE as your Number Two Choice for Mayor of Oakland, Paradise JahLove, Paulette Williams, President Obama’s “justice”, President Sahle-Work Zewde, Prisoners Strike, promoting violence against police and prison guards, Queen Mother NJERE ALGHANEE, Rafiki Wellness Center, registered voter, rent control, Republic of New Afrika, Republican Trump-Pence regime, right to bear arms, Sahle-Work Zewde, SAIED KARAMOOZ as your Number Three Choice for Mayor of Oakland, Saudi Arabian monarchy, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, The Commemorator magazine, underpaid workers at Marriott Hotels, unjust evictions, unjustly-incarcerated political prisoners, voter’s registration, Washington Post, YES on PROP 10: The Affordable Housing Act!Comment
Don’t miss ‘Picture Bayview Hunters Point’ at Bayview Opera House Thursday-Sunday, Oct. 18-21; it’s FREE!

Bayview Hunters Point is the soul of San Francisco. It’s changing but its history and heroes can’t be erased and must be celebrated. They are the foundation and inspiration for the thriving community we will rebuild. In “Picture Bayview Hunters Point,” a labor of love, says director Joanna Haigood, Zaccho Dance Theatre, a BVHP-based cultural treasure, performs that history and presents those heroes unforgettably. Bring everyone, especially the children and young people, to this lavish but free performance – inside and outside the Opera House.

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Culture StoriesChanged“A Day’s Work: Hunters Point Shipyard Workers 1940-1945”, “KRON-TV Assignment Four-Hunters Point: A View From the Hill”, “Picture Bayview Hunters Point”, A promised land, affordable housing, African American community in San Francisco, African-American Studies of City College of San Francisco, Aliyah Dunn-Salahuddin, Aviva Davidson, Barbara Ockel, Bay View arts editor Wanda Sabir, Bayview Hunters Point, Bayview Opera House, Big Five, Black Power, Black San Franciscans, Black working-class community, BVHP, Charline Formenty, cycles of racial violence and poverty, Dancing in the Streets in New York, Director’s note by Joanna Haigood, DIVA Project, Don’t miss ‘Picture Bayview Hunters Point’ at Bayview Opera House Thursday-Su..., Dunn Salahuddin and the Community Council, economic opportunity for Black residents, Elise Bernhardt, Eric Wallner, FoundSF-Org, Halima Marshall, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Jack Carpenter, Jim Crow, Jim Crow North, Jo Kreiter, Joanna Haigood, Kathy Rose, Lauren Weinger, Marcelee Cashmere, Mary Booker, Mary Ellen Strom, Matthew "Peanut" Johnson, Opera House, Philip Bither, Rainin Foundation, Sam Jordan, San Francisco State University, Shakiri and Lizzy Spicuzza, state sanctioned segregation, Third Street, Tony Carpenter, Tyra Fennell, Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Walter Kitundu the BAYCAT Team, Wanda's Picks Radio, Wayland Fuller, Wayne Campbell, Zaccho Dance Theatre, Zaccho director Joanna Haigood Comment
The last time I saw Bobbie ‘Spider’ Webb

It was Saturday, June 30. We were gathered in the courtyard of Midtown Garden Apartments. Bobby Webb carefully removed his sax from the black bag and took the stage. It didn’t take long for us to realize we were in the presence of a master virtuoso, immediately demonstrating his versatility. In retrospect, Bobbie (Spider) Webb may have been playing his own epitaph on that Saturday at the end of June. Less than three months later, Bobbie Webb left the world stage he had graced so brilliantly.

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Wanda’s Picks for July-August 2018

The 50th Anniversary Conference of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) opened with a reverent and celebratory tribute to the ancestors and welcome to those present. Presented by Daktari Dance Medicine Collective, 50 dancers, drummers and cultural workers sprinkled medicine into the hearts and minds of those in the grand hall that night. From the welcome call, Fanga Alafia, to the “Invocation and Libation,” Diaspora dances Yanvalou, Parigol and Ogum and Spoken Medicine, the theme for the 50th Annual Conference “Building for Eternity,” June 27-July 1, 2018, was evoked, ratified and confirmed.

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Culture StoriesChanged“Invocation and Libation”, “Toward a Black Psychology: Origin and Evolution of a Discipline”, “Voodoo or IQ: An Introduction to Black Psychology (1975)”, 50th Anniversary Conference of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi), 50th Anniversary Conference of the Association of Black Psychologists: ‘Build..., Amorie Robinson Ph-D-, Annelle B- Primm M-D- MPH, Association of Black Psychologists Bay Area Chapter, Baba Wade Nobles, Bishop Dr- Yvette Flunder, Black intelligence, Black mental health, Black Power Movement, Black Psychologists, Bob Williams, Carlton Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Councilperson Desley Brooks, D- Phillip McGee, Daktari Dance Medicine Collective, Dan Williams, Danny Glover, Diaspora Black scholars, Dr- Cheryl Grills, Dr- Derek Wilson, Dr- Ifetayo Ojelade, Dr- Kenneth Monteiro, Dr- Kobi K-K- Kambon, Dr- Linda James Myers, Dr- Marjorie J- Hill, Dr- Na’im Akbar, Dr- Nyala Joan (Smith) Cooper, Dr- Patricia Nunley, Dr- Taasogle Daryl Rowe, Dr- Theopia Jackson, Dr- Wade Nobles, Ed Nichols, Eddie D- Banks, Fanga Alafia, Fania Davis Ph-D-, Harrold Dent, Hon- Desley Brooks JD, individualism, Jason Shankle Sr-, Lawford Goodard Ph-D-, Lena Miller, Linda Jackson, Monifa Willis PMHNP-BC, Na’im Akbar, Patricia Canson Griffith Ph-D-, Patricia Nunley, power of the decolonization process, principles of African liberation and African spirituality, Ron Brown, Ryan Coogler, Shawn O- Utseu, South African clinicians and scholars, Sunrise Tribute to the Ancestors, Syed Khatib, Tawede Cheryl Grills Ph-D-, The Emerging Shift in the Legalization of Marijuana: The Untold Mental Health..., treatment protocols for Black wellness, Wade Nobles, Wade W- Nobles, Wanda Sabir, Wanda’s Picks for July-August 2018, William “Bill” Jones III Comment
What do White people really see when they look at Black people?

UC Berkeley’s New Media might be new, but the racism is old. “Our-Race Bias” (ORB) happens thousands of times a day in America, but it is not podcast or uploaded to digital media. The Starbucks coffee house racism incident is the tip of the iceberg in universities across the country. But as one passes through the classrooms in UC Berkeley’s New Media and Media Studies, he rarely sees any African American students in the classrooms, to say nothing of Black faculty.

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Culture StoriesChanged“Barbecue Becky”, “How Images Change our Race Bias”, “Invisible Man”, “Letter to my Nephew”, “Other-Race Effect” (ORE), “Our-Race Bias” (ORB), “Rise of the Racist Robot: How AI is learning all our worst impulses”, “Robots are racist and sexist”, “The Man who Mistook his Wife for A Hat”, “The Reaper of Death”, African-American prisoners, American slavery, artificial intelligence, Black faculty, Black movie-goers, Black prisoners, Black professors, Black student enrollment, Black students, Black women golfers, Carrie Louis Prichett, Cecil Brown, Correctional Officer Academy, digital culture, Digital Humanities, digital technology, digital-linked course in the History Department at UC Berkeley in 2016, dismantling of affirmative action at Berkeley, Dr- Michael Dyson, Elena Zhukova, face recognition, face-recognition application, Facing up to racial profiling in algorithms: Neuroscience AI and racism, film “Black Panther”, From coffee shop racism to racism at UC Berkeley, full-ride scholarships, Imamu Amiri Baraka, James Baldwin, Joy Buolamwini, Kalob J- Houston, Laurie Penny, Lolade Siyonbola, low-income students, Melissa Depino, Microsoft, Mikel Kosinski, MIT Media Lab, Noah Trevor TV show, Oliver Sacks, Omeka, Professor Heidegger, Professor Michel Dyson, racial bias, racial discrimination, racism, Racist algorithms and robots, racist society, Ralph Ellison, robot chatbot, S- Brent Rogriquez-Plate, Sarah Braasch, Scientific American, self-created monster, slave rebellions, Stanford, Starbucks coffee house racism incident, Starbucks coffee shops, Starbucks incident, Stephen Buranyi, Teaching while Black and fighting racial blindness in Digital Humanities, The Guardian, TV host Don Lemon, UC Berkeley, UC Berkeley’s New Media, UC Berkeley’s New Media and Media Studies, Urban Studies and Digital Humanities at Stanford University, What do White people really see when they look at Black people?, white supremacy, Yale University incident Comments
‘Follow the Money’: Flashpoints Radio voices on oil wars, drone bombing, police militarization, mass incarceration …

“Follow the Money, Flashpoints Radio Voices,” an anthology of interviews from 2009-2016 KPFA Flashpoints shows, is full of tragedy: oil wars, drone bombing, torture, mass incarceration, mass surveillance, police militarization, neoliberal trade agreements, poisoned water, botched executions, ecocide and the “too-big-to-fail” bank heist that kicked off the Obama years. “Follow the Money” can at the same time serve as an organizing and networking manual, because it’s filled with the voices of those fighting back.

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Culture StoriesChanged‘Follow the Money’: Flashpoints Radio voices on oil wars drone bombing police..., ‘Suffering in Every Bite; Migrant Workers’ Bitter Fruit’, “A New Cold War with Russia”, “alien smugglers”, “Follow the Money Flashpoints Radio Voices, “Follow the Money”, “Fresh Fruit Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States”, “Global Militarism and Empire”, “The Inverted Logic Behind the North Korea Crisis”, “The Oil Wars: Iraq Kurdistan and the Islamic State”, “too-big-to-fail” bank heist, Ann Garrison, Antonia Juhasz, border militarization, Border Patrol, border patrol jail, botched executions, British Petroleum’s Gulf Coast ecocide, Chelsea Manning, Christine Hong, Citigroup, Clinton Foundation, Consortium News founder and legendary investigative reporter Robert Parry, Dahr Jamail, Dennis Bernstein, Donald Trump, drone bombing, ecocide, Exelon, FBI monitoring of the Occupy Movement, Golden Reel from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Goldman Sachs, Hillary Clinton, Jeff Cohen, KPFA Flashpoints, KPFA Local Station Board, Left Coast Press, Lulu Press, Mara Verhayden-Hilliard, Marxist economist and University of Massachusetts Professor Emeritus Richard ..., mass incarceration, mass surveillance, Mumia Abu Jamal, NAFTA, neoliberal trade agreements, Obama, Obama to Trump, Obama years, oil wars, Pacifica’s KPFA Radio in Berkeley California, poisoned water, police militarization, poverty, Project Censored awards, Riva Enteen, Robert DeNiro, Robert Parry, Seth Holmes, Seth M- Holmes, State Department, the Clintons, torture, transfer of wealth, U-N- CharterComment
Wolfpack Gunshot Response Team: Out of the projects come the saviors of their hood

It was a historic day in April when a team of young people completed their training to take on the job of saving their hood in Cleveland, Ohio. Four young adults ranging from 19-29 became the first civilian gunshot response team in Ohio history. Not to mention they are African American and from the projects. Breniesha Lightfoot, DeAndre “Boss Hog” Glover and Belton Sanders, along with local activist and Washington, D.C., native Suncere Ali Shakur, make up the Wolfpack Gunshot Response Team of Cleveland. Our job is to stop the bleeding from wounds for the first 5-10 minutes until EMS arrives.

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Poverty people as benefactors sending out a clarion call Blackonizing the other Amerika where LOVE abounds and our Jesus is found

I’m sending out the most important press release that it has been my prayerful blessing to accomplish as a clarion call to Black Family Amerika to take a stand. To Black Mega­Church Amerika to take a stand. No more playing the do-nothingism game while expecting great change to occur. The Black family’s path forward is known as “ethno-aggregation,” found in two textbooks by Dr. Claud Anderson, “PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America” and “A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask.”

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Culture StoriesChanged“A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask”, “A Black History Reader” by Dr- Claud Anderson, “ethno-aggregation”, “Perpetual Financial Support Plan (PFSP)”, “PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America”, “PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America” by Claud Anderson, “SBA: The Reawakening of the Afrikan Mind” by Asa G- Hilliard III, “Stolen Legacy: The Egyptian Origins of Western Philosophy” by George G-M- James, “The Africans Who Wrote the Bible: Ancient Secrets Africa and Christianity Ha..., “THE ANKH: African Origin of Electromagnetism” by Nur Ankh Amen, “The Mis-Education of the Negro” by Carter Godwin Woodson, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by civil ..., “What They Never Told You in History Class (Volume One)” by Indus Khamit-Kush, Black Amerikan Family, Black church, Black family, Black Family Amerika, Black Mega­Church Amerika, Carter G- Woodson, Dickson’s RedTails Black Youth Aviation Academy, Dr- Claud Anderson, Dr- Donald R- Evans Sr-, Edward Pickney’s Black Family Recovery Plan, Ethel Cain Russel’s POP Production Company, I Am One in a Million, Jim Crow, Ken Peterson Greenology Company, knowledge, mass incarceration, modern caste system, Mound Bayou Mississippi, Mound Bayou/Shelby Youth Development Fund, NAAFRA, NAAFRA Home Activity (Study), NAAFRA Perpetual Resource Treasury, NAAFRA’S family movement, National Afrikan-Amerikan Family Reunion Association, National Afrikan-Amerikan Family Reunion Association (NAAFRA), National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, NOI Three Year Economic Savings Program, poor power, Poverty people as benefactors sending out a clarion call Blackonizing the oth..., poverty power, PowerNomics Corporation of America Inc-, Professor Amos N- Wilson’s text “Blueprint for Black Power”, racialist system, Rosie Milligan’s Black Writers on Tour, San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, SIMS-Fannie Lou Hamer Museum, Sisters of Empowerment Inc-, Sisters of Today and Tomorrow, slavery, The Black Armerikan Amateur Economic Sports Alliance BAAESA, The National Association of Brothers and Sisters In & Out, Trained entrepreneurial youth future industrial owners, UBUS Communications System, undereducating of our children, Vickey Lindsey Project Cry No More Comment
SF Library plans to install privacy-threatening RFID tags into books and materials despite EFF, ACLU-NC, Library Users Assoc. opposition

Despite strong and unequivocal opposition by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California, which has been consistent for more than 10 years, San Francisco Public Library plans to install what the two organizations, and others, consider to be privacy-threatening RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology into books and other materials that patrons use and borrow.

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From Kunta Kinte to Keba Konte: Driving racism from the workplace

On April 12, two Black men, Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson, were arrested for trespassing at a Philadelphia Starbucks while sitting at a table waiting for a business partner. Starbucks responded by making plans to close 8,000 stores on May 29 for racial bias training. The incident prompted consumers and activists to #BoycottStarbucks and consider alternatives like Oakland-based Red Bay Coffee. Owned by Black entrepreneur Keba Konte, Red Bay Coffee’s staff is composed entirely of women, people of color and the formerly incarcerated.

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When barbequing while Black becomes a part of the Art of Living Black

Word has it that the first 20 enslaved Africans were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, sometime during the month of August in 1619. Wow! That means next year, August 2019 will extend that legacy to exactly 400 years. Look out, Jamestown, here we come to commemorate, commiserate and consummate 400 years of MAAFA! Below is an excerpt from my poem, “The Art of Living Black,” which summarizes those 400 years, opening with an addition of recent local occurrences and indignities that have become a part of the Black Experience.

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Laila Ali keynotes Women Transforming Technology conference in Silicon Valley

Women Transforming Technology, a consortium of companies and organizations in industry, academia and non-profit companies and organizations committed to building a community and tackling issues that are top of mind for women in technology, on May 22, 2018, hosted a conference in California’s Silicon Valley. The conference theme was “Inclusion in Action.” This broadcast is the focus of Laila Ali’s opening keynote.

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Boots Riley’s ‘Sorry to Bother You’ is a political comedy masterpiece

“Sorry to Bother You,” written and directed by Oakland’s resident revolutionary MC, Boots, the front man of the political rap group The Coup, is a hilarious cult classic in the making, set to hit theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area in July. This political comedy is based in the streets of Oakland, but it is refreshingly not a cliché hood story. I loved “Sorry to Bother You” most because although it is a protest film, it’s a comedy.

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Libations for Kiilu Nyasha on Wanda’s Picks Radio

Introduction: Kiilu Nyasha, Black Panther veteran, revolutionary journalist and mother of every movement, joined the ancestors on April 10, and just three days later, Bay View Arts Editor Wanda Sabir opened the phone lines on her morning radio show for tributes to our revered comrade. To listen to the entire show, go to or listen here. – Editor

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‘Solitary Man’ play and panel at the Black Rep – pain, survival, resistance

On April 21, I finally got to see Charlie Hinton’s “Solitary Man” play at the Black Repertory Theater in Berkeley. It was so much more than a cultural experience. The play was gripping, emotional and real, with jazz trumpet sprinkled in. The panel powerfully reflected the layers of pain, survival and resistance in the prison movement. And the event, a benefit for the San Francisco Bay View, was a moving tribute to Mary and Willie Ratcliff’s devotion to their invaluable newspaper.

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Creating wealth in our communities

The vision board is the oldest success tool in the world – perhaps a million years old. Cave men, before they learned to invent language, had vision boards, made drawings on their cave walls to remind themselves to stay focused on what they wanted to eat and meet, on their goals and dreams. Try using a vision board at work for your team of coworkers, at home for your children. Have fun putting your favorite things, your goals and dreams on your vision board.

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‘Black Panther’ sets off Back to Afraka fashion craze

When I last checked, the “Black Panther” movie had grossed over a billion dollars and was approaching the elite top 10 most profitable blockbusters of all time, worldwide! And as a result of its wide appeal in the Black community, Afrakan fashion is back in the mix and Black handmade clothing is flying off the shelves like at no other time since the ‘70s. Fortunately, we are blessed here in the Bay Area with dozens of Afrakan clothing stores!

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